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The Session

A message from the Session on June 3, 2020:

Given the recent events and unrest in our nation, Kenilworth Presbyterian Church (USA) affirms the dignity of every human being. Everyone is created in the image of God and is a child of God. Therefore, individually and as a community, we deplore injustice in all its forms and recommit ourselves to work for a creation that celebrates diversity, strives for equality and affirms the self-worth of every person.

We recognize and understand the built-up anger, disgust and resentment—we cannot let darkness and wickedness prevail. We must bring light where there is darkness. We must turn obstacles into opportunities and turn tests into testimonies. We cannot let distractors shift the focus from the main issue. We must keep our eyes on the prize.

We further affirm that we fall short of God’s glory and act in ways that are contrary to our call to love our neighbor fully—echoing the love of Christ for all humanity.

We pray and will work toward a day when, as the prophet Amos testifies, justice rolls down like water, and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream.

Violence in any form is a scandal to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we pray that as we work toward equality for all, we respect the property and person of others.

God is love. Therefore, as God loves us, may we love with the radical grace that envisions a new heaven and a new earth when all creation rejoices and experiences an authentic love between one another.

What's a Session?

The Session is the governing body of any Presbyterian USA church. It is composed of the pastor of the church and elected "ruling" elders. The pastor generally serves as the "moderator" — or the head — of the Session.

The Session has many duties, including receiving new members, managing finances, leading the congregation in the church's missions and managing the property of the church.

The names of current session members and church officers can be obtained by calling the church office.

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