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Worship at Kenilworth

Sunday Worship
11 a.m.

Sunday School
10 a.m.


Our pastor, Rev. Dr. Allen Smith always gives a great sermon which ties how we live to the guidance Jesus provides through the Bible; we rejoice in the gifts that God provides us (sharing the Good News) and we pray for those in need; we share ‘communion’ on the first Sunday of each month to renew our connection to Jesus.

Visitors can park curbside on the street or in Church parking to the rear of the Church. They can enter either through the front entrance or the rear entrance of the Church. Visitors are greeted and given the program for the worship service and are asked to sign the Visitors register.

THE BIBLE: During services we use the New Revised Standard Version.

GET MORE INFO: What do Presbyterians believe about worship.

PET FRIENDLY: Go ahead, bring your pet to worship.

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